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While the advantages of Electro Chemical Oxidation have been known and documented for many years, the technological barrier has been a material on the anode that has high over-potential and is commercially viable. Magneli Materials has developed coating technology that allows for Ti4O7 to be coated on Anodes that then allow for Electro Chemical Advanced Oxidation systems to be created in the industrial waste water treatment industry.


Magneli’s engineering team began developing new coating technologies to apply Ti4O7 to anodes over 6 years ago.   In order to test these in actual industrial sites we began developing of water treatment reactors using Ti4O7 anodes.  After many small pilot plants, 4 years ago we installed our first industrial scale system utilizing Ti4O7 traditional flat plate anode technology.  The first water treatment plant, a coke facility supplying the steel industry was able to achieve the target COD levels for discharge, the anodes could withstand high current densities, however operating costs were too high.


Two generations later, we have a state of the art reactive membrane anode as well as a new integrated reactor design, which can reduce operating expenses over previous technologies by 50%, and decreased processing time for hard COD contaminant by 50%.



Our new Reactive Membrane technology incorporates a 3-dimensional ceramic Ti4O7 anode which has all the characteristics and performance of a Ti4O7 anode, but performs at a more advanced level due to a larger surface area than traditional anodes and the ability to allow for catalyst coats to be applied to support high current density operations. Standard Accelerated Life tests on the new Magneli Reactive Membranes have shown at 40,000 amps/m2 in a sulphuric acid solution these anodes will last for over 110 hours, or equivalent to 10 years of operation as a conservative estimate. Expected life is thought to be closer to 25-50% more than that.

Magneli’s Reactive Membranes are sold individually and in new water treatment reactors, incorporating 7 Magneli anodes and 7 stainless steel cathodes in a new reactor design for industrial use of this technology. Magneli’s reactive membrane technology is being used in full scale operations of many industries including these clients:

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Chemical Treatment Plant

  • Textile Treatment Plant

  • Leachate

  • Food Manufacturing Plants

  • Oil and Gas Plants

  • Oil Refinery’s


Lab Scale

Pilot Scale

Full Scale

When we work with clients, we can begin with a lab scale system to determine treat-ability, capex and op-ex of the oxidation system.  

After successful lab scale testing we move  to a pilot scale treatment system.

This system is treating leachate as a stand alone treatment system. 

 An industrial size treatment system, recently implemented in an industrial park to treat pharma waste.

Magneli Materials can help to implement treatment systems at full scale now for your industry. 

How long do the ceramic Ti4o7 anodes last in commercial operation?

We have done an industry standard accelerated life test of the anodes and they lasted over 110 hours, which equates to well over 10 years. We have also been operating industrial systems for 4 years with no passivation of any of the  anodes.

What is the operating expense of these anodes, and how much power do they need?

While working with our clients initially, we use a lab scale system to determine operating expenses  before they go to a pilot or full scale systems. This process allows our customers to budget for both the operating and capital expenditure.

Do these membranes foul?

The oxidation process on the surface of the anodes  prevents fouling, allowing them to continue their role uninterrupted.. However, as an extra precaution, before  beginning the treatment with our systems, we recommend a 5-micro filtering. 

What does a full scale electro chemical installation look like?

Below is a video of our anode/cathode system installed in an oil and gas industry client's plant. The system is used to treat waste by-products- polishing for recalcitrant COD and Ammonia. If you are interested in learning more contact us.

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