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Electrochemical advanced oxidation processes: today and tomorrow. A review

In recent years, new advanced oxidation processes based on the electrochemical technology, the so-called electro-chemical advanced oxidation processes (EAOPs), have been developed for the prevention and remediation of environmental pollution, especially focusing on water streams. These methods are based on the electrochemical generation of a very powerful oxidizing agent, such as the hydroxyl radical (•OH) in solution, which is then able to destroy organics up to their mineralization. EAOPs include heterogeneous processes like

anodic oxidation and photo-electro catalysis methods, in which

•OH are generated at the anode surface either electrochemically or photochemically, and homogeneous processes like electro-Fenton, photoelectro-Fenton, and sonoelectrolysis, in which

•OH are produced in the bulk solution.

This paper presents a general overview of the application of EAOPs on the removal of aqueous organic pollutants, first reviewing the most recent works and then looking to the future. A global perspective on the fundamentals and experimental setups is offered, and laboratory-scale and pilot-scale experiments are examined and discussed.

Magneli Materials Pilot Scale Treatment
Magneli Materials' Pilot Scale Treatment

Published in Environmental Science & Pollution Research (2014) 21:8336–8367

DOI 10.1007/s11356-014-2783-1 by authors: Ignasi Sirés & Enric Brillas & Mehmet A. Oturan &

Manuel A. Rodrigo & Marco Panizza

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