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New Electro Chemical Treatment System

We are now supplying our latest electro chemical treatment system, the ECOX108-5000A . This system comprises of 108 anode and cathode combinations, a recirculating tank, filter, control panel and rectifier, that can treat 20,000 to 50,000 gallons of waste water per day.

These compact systems, with just a 2 x 3 meter footprint, are for the complete treatment of PFA/PFOA's from the water supply. They are also currently employed for removal of Ammonia, BOD, and COD in waste water, as well as other uses listed below.

Advantages of this system:

Reduces the footprint of an electro chemical treatment system by more than 50% compared to traditional electrochemical systems meaning it can be installed in smaller buildings.

System incorporates the following:

  • 108 Anode and Cathode combinations in a recirculating tank

  • Control Panel with wireless communication system

  • Rectifier

  • Recirculating Tank

  • Pump

  • Filter system

Systems are currently being shipped for treatment of:

  • Landfill Leachate R/O concentrate

  • Post Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) treatment of transfer station waste

  • Per-fluorinated compounds -PFA’s -destruction

  • Pharma polishing

  • Ammonia removal

Ammonia removal with our Electro Chemical system has the advantage of a small footprint, it's easy to scale, and has no sludge or waste products.

We are a global B2B company working with some of the biggest industrial companies. We work under strict NDA agreements, and can supply our systems for immediate implementation in your facilities. Contact Rob Sterner to learn more.

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