We supply large volumes of an advanced stabilized Ti407.

Magneli Materials, LLC’s new efficient manufacturing process allows gradation of our material in three powder sizes, providing variety in application adaptation. Additionally, our specialized anode coating processes is the latest advancement in finding cost effective anodes for a variety of industrial processes.

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Magneli Materials Data Sheets

Stabilized Magneli Phase Titanium Oxide
Electrically Conductive Ceramic Powder

Material #W94

Material #N82

Material #JB15

Industrial Applications

Industrial Water Treatment

Our stabilized Ti407 Magneli anodes allow for the commercialization of electrochemical advanced oxidation.

Water Disinfection

Our stabilized Ti407 anodes allow for a new, easy to perform, effective, and less labor intensive disinfection process.

Cathodic Protection

Our Ti407 coated anodes are a cost effective, high current density, long life solution to the cathodic protection process.

Energy Storage

Our stabilized Ti407 Magneli phase of titanium oxide exhibit electrical conductivity equivalent to graphite and is inert, with new characteristics that eliminate oxidation in many environments.


Our Titanium mesh anodes, coated with Ti407 and a catalyst coat, provide an environmentally sound and cost effective solution to the extraction of metals in this process.


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