Magneli Materials Milestones

2013 – Processed and factory completed for production of Stabilized Ti407
2014 – Development of an advanced process to coat Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Lead with Ti407
2014 – First Anode arrays and Water Treatment Reactor developed
2015 – First Pilot Scale Waste Water Treatment facility completed and operating in Coke Plant
2015 – Large Scale anodes developed and test in Zinc Electro Winning Factory
2015 – New Material developed doping Ti407 powders with Niobium in production cycle
2015 – New Material developed doping Ti407 powders with BDD material
2015 – Second Generation Reactor Developed utilizing Titanium Mesh anodes coated with Ti407
2015 – New Generation of Catalytic coatings for anodes developed to enhance performance of Ti407 in Wastewater plants
2015 – First Pilot scale reactor built and operating at Leachate facility
2015 – First Anodes Developed for Galvanizing process
2016 – Ti407 Reactive Membranes developed
2016 – Two pilot factories equipped with Ti407 Reactive Membrane anodes. 50% reduction in power usage with new membrane technology
2016 – First two full-scale Electro Chemical Oxidation systems completed on time with Ti407 Reactive Membrane anodes
2016 – New Anode Arrays developed and tested for large-scale aeration